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Find event ideas and venues in the region of Eindhoven for your next client (entertainment) event, team building activity, company party, corporate meeting and more. Corporate event ideas range from exclusive meetings and hotels, wine tastings, chefs tables and mixology classes to sports events, luxury suites, movie screenings and private parties. Start browsing things to do in Eindhoven now and book your entire corporate event with us! Some corporate event ideas:

  • Award ceremonies are great events to honor and motivate key staff or to acquire and retain customers. Our event planners are able to organize events to remember. 
  • Board meetings focus on strategic goals and visions. The event venue and the planning process should reflect the prestigious nature of these meetings.
  • Business dinners a long-standing corporate tradition to conclude fiscal years, celebrate new milestones or to get in contact with key customers. 
  • Conferences are popular and important business events. Everything about the event management of academic, medical and business conferences.
  • Executive retreats escapes from stressful work schedules and the day-to-day business. Learn how they should stimulate free thinking and creativity.
  • Golf events, golf tournaments or retreats. Those events aim to acquire new customers, to increase customer loyalty or to motivate employees. We have beautiful golf courts in Eindhoven region. 
  • Incentive travel are perfect to reward and motivate employees or to increase customer loyalty and retention. Come over to Eindhoven region or book your destination with us. We are a professional destination management company. 
  • Incentive events motivate employees or close the ties to customers. Event managers are planning events that help to enhance customer loyalty.
  • Meetings are common business events in large companies, perfect to discuss operational and financial strategies.
  • Networking events are personal marketing galas. Such events are great opportunities for contact establishment and personal marketing.
  • Opening ceremonies are held to start conventions, annual meetings and other events that last for one, two or more days.
  • Press conferences are perfect business events to promote new products, launch marketing campaigns or to inform the shareholders and public about financial topics.
  • Product launches are critical for the successful market introduction of some products. A perfect product presentation might also increase the media coverage. 
  • Seminars are educational events to train managers and employees. Most seminars are not comparable with boring lectures. Interactivity is core!
  • Shareholder meetings are yearly and obligatory events to inform a corporation’s shareholders about company issues and to elect the board of directors.
  • Team building events are key to develop and motivate teams in companies and divisions. Please have a look at our team building events. 
  • Theme parties are events that devote to a special topic. Popular events are casino nights or Holland parties. Please ask us!
  • Trade fairs are a great opportunity to present your latest products to customers and business partners.
  • Trade shows are exhibitions where companies can present and demonstrate their latest products. A professional presentation is crucial in the right venue.
  • VIP events are used to increase customer loyalty. Our professional planners organizing VIP events that ultimately increase your revenues.


For example

12.00 Welcome at the hotel or a bar/restaurant in Eindhoven city
12.30 Start with a drink or lunch
13.30 Introduction and briefing (teambuilding) activities
13.45 Activity / activities
15.45 Awards of best team(s)
16.00 Drinks
17.30 Dinner / barbecue


  • Prices are available on request.

Additional costs

  • City games and workshops outside the area of Eindhoven (traveling expenses)
  • Rental costs of a (meeting)location
  • Entrance costs as not mentioned
  • Parking costs
  • Taxes

On request

  • Corporate party with DJ, bar, entertainment, et cetera
  • Transfers (coach)
  • Photographer or film report
  • Give aways
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meeting room
  • Lunch, high tea, dinner, buffet and barbecue


  • Price: Net price in Euro excluding 21% or 9% VAT.
  • Terms of payment: 100% with order, 14 days after invoice date
  • References: Lots of famous companies and government agencies have used services before such as Philips, NXP, DAF, MARS, HP, ASML, TNT, Ricoh, BDO, Navteq, Rabobank, American Express. If you need a reference please ask us.
  • Genaral conditions: The general terms and conditions shall apply to all our offers, contracts of sale, assignments and to the deliveries and the acceptance of work resulting from them. Also the general conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) will apply.

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