City Games

We offer a variety of city games for you and your colleagues! In teams, you will walk through the city while carrying out various missions and assignments. Along the route you will encounter several highlights of Eindhoven city. These are our city games:

The Phone Game. After you arrive at the café or restaurant, the phone suddenly rings.. You pick up the phone and are .. with a person who calls himself ‘Mister X’. He wants you to find him and all his treasures.. where is mister X? It is up to you to find him in the centrum of Eindhoven. Can you track down Mister X before it is too late?

Escape the City. Try our escape challenge and find out if you and your team can escape Eindhoven before time runs out, by solving various riddles, puzzles and codes. Test your knowledge, mental agility and tactical skills and be the first group to escape the location. This teambuilding activity can be arranged for small and big groups; we provide two types of this challenge. These are:

  • Escape the City. This is provided for smaller groups, it will take place at your favored location or in the city (Eindhoven).
  • Escape XL. This is suitable for groups with 30 or more participants. Again, this can be held at your favored location (Escape XL) but also in a city (Escape the City XL)

The Picture Game. This fun game requires an eye for detail and a good sense of humor! At the beginning of the activity, each team will get a map and 50 pictures. The goal is to walk around the city in Eindhoven and to spot as many of the objects/buildings on the pictures. Once you spot the picture, the team will have to take a creative or funny picture and send it through a Whatsapp Group as proof. Hilarious pictures guaranteed!

iPad Challenge. The iPad City Challenge is our newest interactive teambuilding acitivity and it is gaining a lot of popularity! The tablet plays a central role in this game, and with our unique app it will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the city. The objective is to complete as many challenges as possible and to correctly answer as many questions as you can! Watch out for the virtual robots along the route, they can bring high costs

Crazy88. This game is a hilarious and fun citygame that is based on the popular and eponymous TV program of the BNN. The goal of this crazy88 activity is to carry out as many assignments as possible within the given time. The assignments can be found in and around the center of Eindhoven (or Strijp-S, depending on which location you prefer). You will need tons of creativity to execute these fun activities!

Who is the Spy/Saboteur? During this original activity, you and your colleagues will execute fun assignments in the city, with the goal to earn as much money as possible. Sounds easy, right? However, there is a catch! There is a spy amongst you. Your team will have to find out who this is and unmask this traitor in order to win the game and go home with the grand prix. Is your team capable of unmasking the saboteur? How well can you cooperate when you know there is a spy amongst you?

Creative Challenge. Experience your city like never before. Explore the city with your team, and take part in a hilarious, creative and fun tour full of challenging assignments. The creative challenge is a competitive teambuilding challenge; compete against your colleagues and finish your assignments before the other teams finish theirs. Creativity, fun and endurance are a necessity.

If you wish to book one of these citygames, please request a quotation!


Duration of this activity depends on the total arrangement. You can book this in the morning and afternoon. Times and date in consultation.

Example program is:

12.00 Welcome at a reacrational lake, at a sustainable location or at another location
12.30 Start with a drink or lunch
13.30 Introduction and briefing (teambuilding) activities
13.45 Start activity / activities
15.45 End activities
– Drinks
– Winning team will receive a prize

All our programs are in consultation and can be extended to a whole day or several days. We provide the program in Dutch or English. For the exact program and times, request a quotation and we will send a proposal.

Rates Excluding VAT

Prices on request. The price depends on the size of the group, the location and the total arrangement.

  • The activity can be booked starting from 10 people, or you pay for 10 people (mininum group size might vary depending on the activity). All prices are excluding VAT.
  • For most indoor activities (sports/game), or activities at a recreational lake, a low VAT rate of 9% applies. For activities outside, in a public space (guided tours, tours, city games, games in nature) the 21% VAT rate applies.
  • The price includes our (pre)organization, travel costs, guidance and materials. Team building activities usually end with an award ceremony, including a prize.
  • The price is excluding room rental, entrance fees, tickets, AV means, transfers, catering and/or food and drinks, unless stated otherwise. These added options and additional prices will be communicated to you by e-mail.
  • Our packages are subject to availability. We reserve our materials, guidance and hospitality options. Request a quotation from us at all times to inquire about the options.
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