Cult & Art Workshops

The ability to work as part of a team is one of the most valuable skills in the job market. Meetings Incentives created workshops that will (further) develop skills needed for effective teamwork. Through the cult & art workshops, colleague’s will work on communication skills by expressing ideas, listening and understanding what others are saying. Next to communication skills, other important ones such as negotiation, conflict resolution, and feedback exchange will be part of the workshops.

But how are these skills and art combined? During the workshops, your creative side will be explored. The group will be divided into smaller teams with a maximum of two to three persons, who each will receive a canvas. Together the team needs to create one painting by combining the separate canvases, one whole needs to be created. Before painting, a 2D design needs to be showcased to the judge, who won’t make it easy. After approval, the teams can start painting. Explore your creative side by incorporating materials found in nature onto the artwork.

Ones the painting are finalised, the three separate canvases can be tied together, forming the one artwork. Each team will have to present their work to the rest of the group and the winner, the ones who really worked together as a team, will receive a prize.

The workshops can take place indoor or outdoors, surrounded by nature. The organisation of Meetings Incentives will provide materials such as paint, canvas and aprons.


The cult and art workshops have a duration of approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and can be booked for each part of the day. Customised programmes are a possibility. Please request a quotation and the team will do their best to send a proposal in line with your specific wishes. The team of Meetings Incentives speaks both English and Dutch. For references, an example of a programme would be:


12.00pm welcome word and introduction by the team of Meetings Incentives.

12.30pm lunch with a few drinks.

01.30pm briefing about teambuilding workshop.

01.45pm start activity.

03.45pm presentations art work and award for winning team.

04.30pm drinks

05.30pm closing dinner or bbq.


This cult&art workshops start at €30 per person. The price depends on the size of the group and the total arrangement.

  • The activity can be booked starting from 15 people, or you pay for 15 people. All prices are excluding VAT.
  • For most indoor activities (sports/game), or activities at a recreational lake, a low VAT rate of 9% applies. For activities outside, in a public space (guided tours, tours, city games, games in nature) the 21% VAT rate applies.
  • The price includes our (pre)organization, travel costs, guidance and materials. Team building activities usually end with an award ceremony, including a prize.
  • The price is excluding room rental, entrance fees, tickets, AV means, transfers, catering and/or food and drinks, unless stated otherwise. These added options and additional prices will be communicated to you by e-mail.
  • Our packages are subject to availability. We reserve our materials, guidance and hospitality options. Request a quotation from us at all times to inquire about the options.
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  • For our general terms & conditions, click here.


  • Price: Net price in Euro excluding 21% or 9% VAT.
  • Terms of payment: 100% with order, 14 days after invoice date
  • References: Lots of famous companies and government agencies have used services before such as Philips, NXP, DAF, MARS, HP, ASML, TNT, Ricoh, BDO, Navteq, Rabobank, American Express. If you need a reference please ask us.
  • Genaral conditions: The general terms and conditions apply to all our offers, contracts of sale, assignments and to the deliveries and the acceptance of work resulting from them. Also the general conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) will apply.

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