Cycling Race

Do you want to attend a cycling race during your next corporate or business trip? We can plan this for you! Below you can find an explanation of some of the world’s greatest cycling races.

  • Giro d’Italia. This is an annual multiple stage bicycle race, and it is primarily held in Italy. It occasionally starts or passes through other countries. The Giro d’Italia is an UCI World Tour event/race; this means that most teams competing in the race are UCI WorldTeams. The event has a duration of 21 days.
  • Tour de France. This is an annual multiple stage bicycle race that is mostly held in France. However, it sometimes passes through neighboring countries. The Tour de France is described as the world’s most prestigious, and also the most difficult cycling race. The event has a duration of 21 days.
  • Vuelta a España. This is again, an annual multiple stage bicycle race, that is mainly held in Spain. This is one of the younger race events of the grand tours. It was overlooked in the past, but it has become a kind of consultation tour for the injured stars that still wish to participate in a grand tour. In addition, many unknown riders and new talents participate in this race. This event also has a duration of 21 days.

If you wish to visit other types of cycling races, we can arrange a customized program. This can be combined with workshops or teambuilding activities, or a diner in the same country or city. For the possibilities, request a quotation and we will contact you as soon as possible!

*For a possible program, prices and additional information, please check our incentive trips information page before requesting a quotation.