DAF33 Tour

During this DAF33 Tour, you and your colleagues will explore Strijp-S, the ”forbidden” city of Innovation and Technology, and this of course while driving a DAF33! The program will start at De Kempen (near Eindhoven). After an introduction and explanation of the basic techniques, you and your colleagues will commence the tour along with our guides. The route encompasses various highlights of the ”eight blisses” of De Kempen and we will eventually go to Strijp-S in Eindhoven. At Strijp-S the group will be able to have lunch or a drink, after which the guides will explore Strijp-S with all participants. You will learn about the past, the present and the future of this exciting area! After the tour, we will go back to the start location.

The DAF33 tour can be provided, even when there are bad weather forecasts!



Duration of this activity is approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. You can book this in the morning, afternoon and evening. Times and date in consultation.

Example program is:

12.00 Welcome at the hotel or a bar/restaurant in Eindhoven city
12.30 Start with a drink or lunch
13.30 Introduction and briefing (teambuilding) activities
13.45 Activity / activities
15.45 Drinks
17.00 Dinner / barbecue

All our programs are in consultation and can be extended to a whole day or several days. We provide the program in Dutch or English. For the exact program and times, request a quotation and we will send a proposal.

Prices Excluding VAT

Book a tour with unique DAFs for a minimum of 20 people for:

  • Up to 20 people (1 to 5 DAFs) for €1250 excluding VAT in total.

  • Starting from 20 people, the price per DAF with a maximum of 4 persons is €250.

  • Price excluding stops, food, drinks, museums, and teambuilding activities.

  • The above price is based on a puzzle tour of approximately 2 hours. If you wish to have a stop along the way, the tour will last 3-4 hours.

  • The price includes explanation of the vehicle and puzzle route, (pre)organization, DAF33, third-party liability insurance, fuel, and standby service.


    Unfortunately, we do not rent out 1 or 2 DAF33 vehicles for weddings and other special events, trade fairs, etc. Upon request, we are willing to deliver, unload, and later transport from 10 DAF33 vehicles at freight costs. Price on request.



  • At an additional cost, we can arrange a DAF tour in your hometown starting from 10 DAFs (40 persons). However, please be aware of a surcharge of at least €250 excluding VAT per DAF for transport, unloading, loading, and route development. We will plan a route for you within the hometown, as DAFs are not allowed on highways and dirt roads.

  • You are responsible and liable for any (consequential) damage to the DAF. The cost of total loss to a DAF33 is approximately €4000 as an indication. Consider, in addition to a cancellation insurance, obtaining a suitable business liability insurance (or business outing insurance) and/or accident (occupant) insurance. Check with the insurance company to understand what is covered.

  • You can also purchase damage coverage for the DAF at a rate of €25 per DAF. However, there is still a deductible of €400 per DAF per damage incident at all times.
  • If one or more DAFs in your group exceed the agreed-upon time, an additional charge of €25 per DAF will be applied for every half hour beyond the scheduled duration.

  • The price is excluding room rental, entrance fees, tickets, AV means, transfers, catering and/or food and drinks, unless stated otherwise. These added options and additional prices will be communicated to you by e-mail.
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