A fjord is a narrow and long inlet that has steep cliffs or sides and is created by a glacier. Around the world, fjords can be found at many locations; it is estimated that there are nearly 1,200 fjords worldwide. The most well-known locations are Norway, Alaska, New Zealand and Chile.

These countries harbor some of the most beautiful fjords. At these locations you will be able to ski, hike, bike, kayak, join a safari, and spend a day sightseeing and cruising. While at these locations, if desired, you could visit the city and explore the country. If your desired location is Norway, you could visit Stavanger! This city is most well-known for its agriculture and fishing industry. The city is nearby Lysefjord and it has great galleries, museums, music events and more. Other options are to visit locations that are nearby Norway’s second-largest Fjord; Hardangerfjord. A town near this fjord is Voss; visit Vos Church (built in 1270), Finneloftet (museum) and Voss Folk Museum.

The Pyrenees are great for active or relaxing activities in nature. The location allows for beautiful pictures in the Pyrenees, great tours and plenty of recreational activities in the neighboring areas. A trip to the Pyrenees would definitely be a unique experience for you and your colleagues. Are you interested in an incentive trip, after reading about this destination? Go through the must-sees that are mentioned below, and request a quotation!


Best Fjords

  • Lysefjord, Norway
  • Hardangerfjord, Norway
  • Geirangerfjord, Norway
  • Milford Sound, New Zealand
  • Sognefjord, Norway
  • Doubtful Sound, New Zealand
  • Westfjords, Iceland
  • Misty Fjords, Alaska, USA
  • Patagonia, Chile
  • Howe Sound, Canada
  • Naeroyfjord, Norway
  • Illulissat Icefjord, Greenland
  • Aisen Fjords, Chile
  • Kenai Fjords, Alaska, USA

Must-sees (Norway)

  • Voss (town)
  • Stavanger (city)
  • Voss Church (church built in 1270)
  • Finneloftet (oldest original wood structure that is still standing in Norway)
  • Voss Folk Museum (consists out of 16 wooden buildings that date back to the 1600s)
  • Hardangervidda (one of Europe’s largest mountain plateaus)
  • Kjeasen Mountain Farm (farm with incredible views of the Hardanger and Simadalsfjord)
  • Bavallen (top ski destination)
  • Ulvik (holiday resort)
  • Agatunet Museum (30 buildings, only remaining original farm hamlet in Norway)

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