Formula 1

We can arrange a trip to a formula 1 race for you and your colleagues! Attend one of the many Grand Prix races in various countries. Formula one is the highest class of single-seater car races, which are sanctioned by the FIA group.

The World Driver’s Championship (now changed into the FIA Formula One World Championship) is one of the most recognized ways of racing around the world. In each formula one season, a series of formula 1 races, also referred to as Grand Prix, take place on circuits in various countries. The results of these formula 1 races are evaluated in order to determine the two World Champions for that year; one for constructors, and one for drivers. Possible countries and races to visit:

  • The Dutch Grand Prix, French Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix, Australian Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix, Italian Grand Prix, Canadian Grand Prix

We can arrange a customized program along with the formula 1 visit. This can be combined with workshops or teambuilding activities, or a diner. For the possibilities, request a quotation and we will contact you as soon as possible!

*For a possible program, prices and additional information, please check our incentive trips information page before requesting a quotation.