Ghent, a city in the Flemish region in Belgium, has a population of about 260,000 residents, making it the second largest city in Belgium. The City is known for its ten-day-long Ghent Festival, which is held annually and attracts about 1 million visitors. Furthermore, the city is known for having the largest designated cyclist area in Europe, its large public squares, the many diverse marketplaces, its canals and the extraordinary medieval architecture.

When visiting this city, tourists, internationals and business people alike tend to explore the street arts, the Belgian beers, shopping streets and the many grand churches, such as the St. Bravo’s Cathedral and the Saint Michael’s Church.

Ghent is a city of medieval architecture, canals and many churches. The city allows for beautiful pictures, great tours and plenty of recreational activities. A trip to Ghent would definitely be a unique experience for you and your colleagues. Are you interested in an incentive trip, after reading about this destination? Go through the must-sees that are mentioned below, and request a quotation!


  • Patershol (‘’Monks Hole’’, neighborhood)
  • Castle of Counts
  • Confectionery Temmerman
  • Bravo’s Cathedral (church)
  • House of Alijn (museum)
  • Peter’s Abbey (a former Benedictine abbey, now museum)
  • Bravo’s Abbey ruins
  • Dulle Griet canon (iron canon)
  • M.A.K (museum)
  • City Pavilion
  • Kouter Flower Market
  • De Krook (building)
  • De Vooruit (art center)
  • Appelbrug and Appelbrugpark
  • ‘t Dreupelkot (Flemish jenever bar)
  • Werregarenstraat (street filled with graffiti drawings)
  • City Hall
  • Design Museum
  • Pand (former Dominican friary)
  • The Ghent Altarpiece
  • Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen (nature reserve)
  • Blaarmeersen (recreation park)
  • Saint Michael’s Church

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