Example Program

We have been a professional event agency and so-called Destination Management Company (DMC) since 2010, and we are a member of SITE Global. This means that we provide professional incentive trips for you and are familiar with the destinations. We arrange trips to Belgium (Ardennes, Antwerp, Brussels), Spain (Barcelona, Seville and Madrid), Austria (winter sports & summer adventure), Germany (Munich and Berlin), Dubai, Norway and many other destinations. Adventure, city trips, sports, culture, fun and relaxation are central here. With regard to package tours, we provide this via STO Garant. Your money is thus safe and guaranteed!
Each program is tailor-made and depends on your wishes, budget, program duration (2 or more days), number of people and dates. We also advise against certain locations during certain periods, due to crowds or weather conditions; we will recommend other destinations. Feel free to communicate your locational preferences and we will advise you.

An example program of a two-day incentive trip at your preferred location is as follows:

Day 1
– Your party arrives at the destination, by flight or train
– Our host will pick you up (if desired)
– Departure to the accommodation (usually a hotel), this can be in shifts or all together
– Check-in and suitcase service

12.00 Welcome by us, we will go to the lunch location. Extensive lunch with local delicacies or on request a served 2 or 3-course lunch.
13.30 Guided city tour(s), in English (or request other languages in consultation). While walking, sufficient information will be provided about the history, present and future facts of the location.
15.00 Break with a local drink and snack
15.30 Museum visit and/or church visit and/or another special location visit
17.00 Drinks for an hour, possibly accompanied by a liquor tasting (beer, wine or other types of liquor)
18.00 Return to the hotel, freshen up. Possibility to go to a sauna/spa/gym
19.30 Meeting in the lobby, evening program
– visit theater, dance performance or another cultural gathering
– before or after dinner (normal dinner, walking dinner, buffet, etc.)
Optional visit to a disco/bar
– End time to be determined


Day 2
– Breakfast possible until 9.30 am
– Check-out time until 10.00 am
– Our host will receive you from 9.30 am until 10 am

Option 1: City trip by touring-car/bus, with a number of stops along the way
Option 2: City trip by unique means of transportation, such as segway, e-scooter, bicycle, Solex, with a number of stops along the way.
It is up to you whether you want to actively move around the city on a vehicle with guides, or prefer to travel by touring-car/bus. Along the way, we integrate 2 or 3 stops. This could be:
– A Museum visit and/or church visit and/or other special locations
– A Lunch location

13.30 Choice program, options could be:
1. Leisure (some free time) and shopping in the city. This option could be favored if your flight leaves early in the afternoon.
2. An adventure program, such as an activity on the water or in a vehicle.
3. A local culinary workshop, or a workshop with dance/music.
4. A team-building program in the city, such as an iPad Challenge

16.00 Return to the hotel, possibly in various shifts. Possibility to travel to the airport together.
– Time depends on flight schedule
– If there’s still some time left, a joint dinner could be an option
– On request, we will arrange a third day or more days. Also consider a city trip in the region, where you will travel to the next destination (hotel) by touring-car/bus.


We offer complete packages, however, these are excluding the flight(s) to the destination and insurance.

  • You can book the airline tickets yourself, or via your travel agent. The reason we do not order airline tickets is because of privacy laws, the possibility of multiple layovers, and the risks of delays (and paired handling of such an occurrence).
  • Insurance for your incentive trip is sometimes already covered through your (company) insurance, or you’ll have to take out additional insurance with an agency. Also consider a cancellation insurance, liability insurance, accident (travel) insurance and extreme sports insurance.

We are happy to take care of the rest of the trip for you, if desired, such as;

  • Train/touring-car transport (instead of flights)
  • Transfers to and from the airport at the destination
  • Hosts, guidance, instructors, guides, workshop trainers
  • Hotel/group accommodation
  • Meeting/conference location (with AV resources)
  • Lunches, dinners, refreshments, drink bills
  • Activities, entrance fees, ticket services, excursion, attractions, rental of mobility
  • Goody bags, local gifts afterward

The price, therefore, depends on multiple factors and it also depends on your wishes and budget. In the low season, accommodations/hotels are cheaper than during high seasons. Tickets for a match, event or cultural/theater visit also differ throughout the seasons. We are happy to discuss your wishes, send us an email or call us. We will send you an incentive travel information sheet with various questions. This is where your journey begins… we look forward to your message!


  • With regard to our ethics and integrity, we would like to refer to our code of honor from SITE. 
  • With regard to the conditions, what you can expect before, during and afterward, please refer to our conditions
  • With regard to the (safe) payment to STO Garant, we refer to this page.
  • Also, check our link “good to know”

Finally, the work-related costs scheme (WKR). Think about the purpose of the trip and the contents and activities you wish to perform during your incentive trip. Should it be a 100% relaxing outing, or do you want to discuss and add some additional business aspects? What do you wish to spend on the incentive trip, without being subject to additional wage tax? If necessary, involve your accountant. We also like to think along with you, for example, you can plan a meeting at your preferred location (marketing costs) or a training, such as a sales workshop, ‘’know your colleague’’ workshop or a brainstorming workshop, entirely in the context of your business and development of your personnel (HRM costs). For the incentive trip, we could also integrate a site/location visit in the context of your business. If you split these costs well, you can get more out of your incentive trip, without (significantly) going beyond the limits of the free space in the WKR ruling.