The Creative Game is one of the +/- 10 games we created with the MooveGo app. These games can be booked with or without our quiz/game masters. If you would like to play them without our guidance, we advise to purchase tickets in our web shop. This is especially beneficial if you play with just a few small groups.

Head over to our web shop and buy one or several tickets for €20,- per ticket (excl. VAT).



The creative game tests your knowledge within the creative industries in six different rounds. Each round is unique and consists several challenges to complete with a total high score of 60 points. Within a timeframe of 1.5 to 2 hours participants will have to complete as many challenges as possible. After the explanation of the game by the game master, the particpants will download the MooveGo app onto their smartphone, giving access to the challenge. This app ensures that all rounds are displayed on someone's smartphone while providing a life score.


The creative game can be played individually, with a partner, family or against other groups. This game is ideal to take part in together with colleagues. When playing in groups, it is advised to connect through for example ZOOM or MS Teams and create separate ‘break-out rooms’ for the groups. This will create an opportunity to discuss with your team.


The game can be facilitated by Meeting Incentives. The programme will start with an introduction by our game master, followed by an explanation of the us of the app. We will keep track of the scores and a winner will be announced on the end. It is optional to organise the game yourself, without the game master by simply buying tickets in the web shop.



Decide if you would like to receive our guidance in the form of a game master.

  • Establish date and time; request a quotation for us to check availability (only if you would like our game master to be present).
  • Confirm the number of participants or number of groups and whether you would like the game to be solely in English or a combination of Dutch and English.
  • If you request a game master, add us to the ZOOM or MS Teams meeting (can be initiated by us as well, at some additional cost).
  • Create a break-out room or separate meeting for each team playing (a group size of three to four people is advised).
  • An introduction and explanation of the game will be provided by the gamemaster, if the booking includes our guidance. During this introduction, the QR-code for the game will be provided and the scores whilst playing the game.
  • The duration of the game is flexible, depending on the amount of breaks incorporated. On average, 1.5 to 2 hours are needed.
  • One team will obtain the highest score, you can award them with a price (such as our online gift voucher).



Tickets can be purchased through our web shop for €20,- excl. VAT per ticket (€24.20 incl. VAT).

After purchasing the tickets, you will receive more information about the app and the QR-codes to access the game.


Optionally is to include one of our quiz masters:

2 – 6 teams      €125 excluding 21% TAX.

7 – 15 teams    €250 excluding 21% TAX.

16 – 29 teams  €400 excluding 21% TAX.

30 – 50 teams  €750 excluding 21% TAX.

> 50 teams       upon request.


These amounts are solely for the game master meaning each ticket will add €20 excl. VAT to the price mentioned above.

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