Most people's lives have changed completely by covid-19 sweeping the world. Complete communities are coming to a standstill. The uncertainty created has had major impacts on our environment. Togetherness and having a bit of laughter have become more important now than ever before.

With current measures and social distancing, the event sector is changing; and so are our activities. Following the trend of working from home and conencting online, the team of Meeting Incentives has created six online teambuilding games.

All of these games function through a uniquely created application which can be downloaded onto someone's smartphone. To add the teambuilding component to the games, online dialogue through MS Teams or ZOOM form an important part.


English products

All six online teambuilding games and quizzes will be translated on this website as soon as possible. As you will see, you will be send to our Dutch website. But you are able to buy tickets over there. These products are also available in English!

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