Most people's lives have been changed completely by covid-19 sweeping the world. Complete communities have come to a standstill. The uncertainty created, has had a major impact on our environment. Being together and having a bit of laughter are more important now than ever before.
With the current measures and social distancing, the event industry is constantly changing; and so are our activities. Responding to the trend of working from home and connecting online, the team of Meeting Incentives has created several online teamuilding games.


All these games are played on smartphones with the app MooveGo. This allows players to be in different locations from one another. Online dialogue can be added through a online video platform, such as MS Teams, Skype or ZOOM.

The following games can be booked including a game/quiz master who will guide the online game/quiz. He/she will give an explanation of the MooveGo app, and takes care of some interaction during the online event. This game/quizmaster is optional. Another possibility you have, is that we arrange the team division, setup of the online video connection as well (at some additional cost). Please request a quatation if you would like to receive more information about the teambuilding games or the role of the quiz/game master.




Tickets for the following games can also be purchased in our web shop. Buying the tickets in the web shop is beneficial if you would like to play the game with just several teams and without the guidance of our quizmasters. Would you like to book a quizmaster? Then we recommend requesting a quotation.

Click on the game you have in mind and click on the web shop button for tickets.


The following games require interaction from one of our game masters. These games are, therefore, only available with the presence of our guidance. Please request a quotation to see is there is availability for the date you would like your online event to take place.


Snack packages!

Looking for Christmas or snack packages? These are available from 25 pieces minimum from € 20 per package. We deliver snacks and drinks that are customisable, and often with business gifts and always with a personalized invitation or thank you flyer. Combine the package with an online teambuilding and create an enjoyable afternoon or evening! Optionally add our Fun gift voucher to the package. This voucher is redeemable in our webshop for over 200 online products (tours, quizzes and games all on the app).