Porto is the second-largest city in Portugal, it has a population count of around 237,559 residents. Port wine, which is one of the most famous exports of Portugal, is named after Porto. This because this area was responsible for the packaging, transport and export of the fortified wine. Other things that this city is known for is its River the Douro, its port, wine cellars and that it is home to FC Porto. An interesting fact is that the city was elected as The Best European Destination in 2014 and 2017. The city (also called Oporto) in its entirety has been granted the title of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When visiting this city, tourists, internationals and business people alike tend to explore the many churches, museums and other unique places. Beautiful churches are the Church of São Francisco, which is a gothic style church, the Clérigos Church, which is a Baroque style church, Porto Cathedral, which is the city’s most important church, and the Church of Santa Clara, which is a Barroco Joanino style church.

Notable museums that are worth visiting are the Serralves Museum, that displays high-profile and temporary exhibitions and Soares dos Reis National Museum, which is a museum with exhibitions of religious art. Noteworthy is the Palácio da Bolsa, this beautiful palace was once used for the Stock Exchange; now it is visited for its beautiful art and architecture. The interior of the palace was decorated by several artists, resulting in many unique rooms. Another notable sight is Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, which is a gorgeous botanical garden.

For a real local experience, visitors should visit the wine cellars Real Companhia Velha, Taylor’s Port, Caves Churchill, Espaço Porto Cruz and Caves Sandeman.

Porto is a city of exquisite churches, its beautiful river Douro and its many architectural wonders. The city allows for beautiful pictures, great tours and plenty of recreational activities. A trip to Porto would definitely be a unique experience for you and your colleagues. Are you interested in an incentive trip, after reading about this destination? Go through the must-sees that are mentioned below, and request a quotation!


  • Cais da Ribeira (riverside area)
  • Serralves Museum & Villa (high-profile temporary exhibitions)
  • Church of São Francisco (Gothic church)
  • Clérigos Church (Baroque church)
  • Palácio da Bolsa (Porto’s former stock exchange, built next to the Church of São Francisco)
  • Casa da Música (a concert hall, cultural venue)
  • Foz do Douro (area with beaches, lighthouses and Portugal’s largest urbanpark)
  • Castelo do Queijo (located in Foz du Douro, a small castle with a cheese shape)
  • Porto Cathedral
  • Beaches, 10 to choose from, Matosinhos is the most convenient
  • Muralha Fernandina (UNESCO World Heritage Site, series of walls that were built to protect the city)
  • Church of Santa Clara (Barroco Joanino style)
  • Jardins do Palácio de Cristal (gardens)
  • The parquet de Cidade (largest urban park in Portugal)
  • Museu Romântico da Quinta da Macieirinha (faces the Douro River, surrounded by the Palácio de Cristal Gardens, romantic style museum)
  • Soares dos Reis National Museum (museum with exhibitions of religious art)
  • Douro River Trip
  • FC Porto Museum (history of football team FC Porto)
  • Real Companhia Velha & Taylor’s Port & Caves Sandeman & Caves Churchill & Espaço Porto Cruz (wineries)
  • Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro (former estate of this author, now a museum in his honor)
  • Livraria Lello (bookshop)
  • Festa de São João (festivity on the 23rd of June during St John’s Eve)
  • Igreja do Carmo (church with Rococo architecture)

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