The Pyrenees is a collection of mountains in the southwest of Europe, forming a border between France and Spain. The mountains reach a height of around 3,404 meters and it extends for around 491 kilometers. In Greek mythology, it is believed that the princess that goes by the name ‘’Pyrene’’ gave her name to the Pyrenees.

In each of the areas in Europe in which the Alps can be found, there are limitless sights to see and activities to undertake. They all offer various summer and winter sports, scenic tours, National Parks, castles, spas, gardens, ski resorts and more. Try the Grotte de Niaux in France, which is a prehistoric cave with Paleolithic cave paintings. Visit Chemin des Cascades, also in France, and walk around to see beautiful waterfalls at the Pont d’Espagne. For a change of scenery, visit the L’Église Saint Girons, which is a 16th-century Gothic church with a gorgeous interior. The possibilities are endless!

The Pyrenees are great for active or relaxing activities in nature. The location allows for beautiful pictures in the Pyrenees, great tours and plenty of recreational activities in the neighboring areas. A trip to the Pyrenees would definitely be a unique experience for you and your colleagues. Are you interested in an incentive trip, after reading about this destination? Go through the must-sees that are mentioned below, and request a quotation!


  • Grotte de Niaux (prehistoric cave with Paleolithic cave paintings)
  • Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises (nature & park)
  • Château de Montségur (13th-century castle)
  • Château de Pau (16th-century castle & museum)
  • Pont d’Espagne (stone-built bridge)
  • Chemin des Cascades (waterfalls at the Pont d’Espagne)
  • L’Église Saint Girons (16th-century Gothic church)
  • Église Notre Dame du Bout du Pont (church with Romanesque and Gothic elements)
  • Forêt d’Iraty (the second largest forest in Europe)
  • Gave d’Oloron (river, great for salmon fishing, canoeing and rafting)
  • Château de Foix (10th-century castle)

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