The municipality of Roermond is a diocese city in the Netherlands. The city is situation in Limburg, and it has a population of around 57,686 residents. Roermond is most well-known for its McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, Burgundian life, maasplassen (lakes) and its surprisingly rich history; the city was under the rule of 5 different countries in the past, these were Spain, Germany, Austria, France and after that the Kingdom of the Netherlands. In 2009, this city was elected as the best city for 2009-2011 in the category of medium-sized cities.

When in Roermond, it is a must to explore St. Christoffelkathedraal, which is a gorgeous Gothic style cathedral, and Munsterkerk, a 13-th century Late-Romanesque design church dedicated to Our Lady. For recreational activities, such as water sports, you should visit the Maasplassen (lakes). To learn more about the history, it is advised to visit the Nationaal Indie-monument in the National Remembrance Park. This monument commemorates over 6200 Dutch soldiers that died in the period between 1945 and 1962 during a battle in the former Dutch East Indies and New Guinea. Another great visit is Het Oude Kerkhof Roermond, which is a cemetery with graves of war victims, the grave of Pierre Cuypers and others. For intel on architecture and design, the Cuypershuis Roermond is an interesting must see. This museum is established inside the former home and work space of Pierre Cuypers, and it displays some of his best works and collectibles.

Roermond is a city of history, exquisite medieval architecture, and spirited Burgundian life with many recreational and/or shopping possibilities. The city allows for beautiful pictures, great tours and plenty of recreational activities. A trip to Roermond would definitely be a unique experience for you and your colleagues. Are you interested in an incentive trip, after reading about this destination? Go through the must-sees that are mentioned below, and request a quotation!


  • Christoffelkathedraal (Gothic style cathedral)
  • Munsterkerk (Late-Romanesque design church)
  • Designer Outlet (200 international designer brands in one outlet, the outlet is owned by the British company McArthurGlen)
  • National Park de Meinweg
  • Maasplassen (try all sorts of water sports and recreational activities at these lakes)
  • Het Oude Kerkhof Roermond (cemetery with graves of war victims, the grave of Pierre Cuypers and more)
  • Kapel in ‘t Zand (neo-gothic chapel)
  • Nationaal Indie-monument (monument in the National Remembrance Park)
  • Rattentoren (remains of fortifications)
  • Kasteel Hillenraad (castle)
  • Cuypershuis (dedicated to the architect Pierre Cuypers)
  • Nu Nautilus (restaurant)

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