Services and Giveaways

There are three types of services and giveaways we could offer your company.

  • Give back to the hardworking employees that keep your business running. Our assortment of useful and thoughtful wellness and sustainable presents will motivate and inspire those within the company to adopt healthier and greener lifestyles.
  • Support charities by providing giveaways, and packages that will help those in need. This type of social work is appreciated by all those involved, and it gives a good example to your employees.
  • Promotional (but sustainable) giveaways for your company. These products are constructed in an eco-friendly way. You could think of printed fruit; imprint your brand on an apple, which is edible by the way. Other examples are bamboo pens, or 100% biodegradable corn starch calculators. These are just examples, of course, there are many more possibilities!

For the possibilities and additional information, please request a quotation!


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