Sustainable Transport

Nowadays, nature is struggling to adapt to the things we are doing to our planet; it is up to us to halt and reverse the damage. Change starts with you! When organizing fun activities for your company, we aim to include the most sustainable travel options. For transport, this means we will help you think of alternative travelling methods; for example NS Groups Ticket, which is an affordable and more eco-friendly travel option (when compared to a car or airplane). Other options are the NS international train tickets. And instead of taking a cab from the airport to your meeting location, we will be able to arrange the beforementioned NS Groups Ticket.

In addition, you can make use of sustainable transportation for (most of) our workshops, tours and teambuilding activities. Some examples are;

When you plan a trip with us, rest assured that the trip will be as eco-friendly as possible. For the possibilities and additional information, please request a quotation!

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