iPad Challenge

The iPad City Challenge is our newest interactive event and a true must-do! The iPad tablet plays a central role in this event and with our unique app it will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the city. The iPad’s built-in map shows your teams position and where you need to go. At different locations throughout the city points can be earned by completing the challenges. What makes this iPad challenge different, is that you play in realtime. During the event you can keep track of the other teams, their position, the challenges they have completed and the overall score of each team and adapt your strategy for the win! During the event you can chat with competing teams or you can sabotage their efforts, all by using the iPad. The objective is to complete as many challenges as possible and to answer as many questions about each location the iPad takes you. Watch out for the virtual robots along the route, they can be costly… Extra points can be earned through the virtual angles wandering the streets along your route. A great way to explore the city.


For example

12.00 Welcome at the hotel or a bar/restaurant in Eindhoven city
12.30 Start with a drink or lunch
13.30 Introduction and briefing (teambuilding) activities
13.45 Activity / activities
15.45 Awards of best team(s)
16.00 Drinks
17.30 Dinner / barbecue


  • The price for a iPad Challenge starts from €27,50 per person

Additional costs

  • City games and workshops outside the area of Eindhoven (traveling expenses)
  • Rental costs of a (meeting)location
  • Entrance costs as not mentioned
  • Parking costs
  • Taxes

On request

  • Corporate party with DJ, bar, entertainment, et cetera
  • Transfers (coach)
  • Photographer or film report
  • Give aways
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Meeting room
  • Lunch, high tea, dinner, buffet and barbecue


  • Price: Net price in Euro excluding 21% or 9% VAT.
  • Terms of payment: 100% with order, 14 days after invoice date
  • References: Lots of famous companies and government agencies have used services before such as Philips, NXP, DAF, MARS, HP, ASML, TNT, Ricoh, BDO, Navteq, Rabobank, American Express. If you need a reference please ask us.
  • Genaral conditions: The general terms and conditions apply to all our offers, contracts of sale, assignments and to the deliveries and the acceptance of work resulting from them. Also the general conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) will apply.

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