Tours & Workshops in Eindhoven

Looking for fun tours and workshops in Eindhoven? You’ll be sure to find a suiting activity on! Explore the pages, request a quotation and we will arrange an ideal program. We provide multiple guided tours, tours with vehicles, puzzle tours and a unique walking and dining tour. For our workshops, we provide Creative Workshops, like art activities, ice and sand sculpting, music workshops and ice games. We also provide active workshops, which concludes curling, segway and yoga workshops. Some other workshops include a Booze (liquor) workshop; learn how to make your own cocktails, or attend a high beer, and cooking workshops; learn how to make your favorite dish. In addition, we offer an interesting and eye-opening Enneagram teamtraining; get to know your colleagues through this activity. Plenty tours and workshops to choose from!

Tours in Eindhoven

Workshops in Eindhoven