Why book a trip with us?

  1. Experience: we have been active in the events market since 2010 throughout the Netherlands and several (popular) destinations in the EU. The company started organizing corporate events and staff parties in Eindhoven, and expanded its activities to many other cities in the Nethelrands and in the EU. We operate from Eindhoven and we have big ambitions.
  2. Wide range: we provide a unique and distinctive range that fits all types of budgets, seasons and target groups. Whether it concerns 5, 50 or more than 500 guests, we will organize your event. See for example our winter games ‘’Fun Curling’’, our ice games, our city trips or our Enneagram teamtraining.
  3. Customization: we strive for an optimal execution of your event and provide suitable advice to cater to your budget and wishes. The duration of the activities range from 1 hour up to entire day(s). We also offer advice regarding locations, transport, meeting and/or catering wishes. We also provide guidance and consult with you with regards to WKR ruling, insurance, cancellations and anything that is important when arranging an event.
  4. Bad weather guarantee: we provide a bad weather guarantee in case you booked an outdoor activity. In consultation, we will provide an (ad hoc) indoor activity to make sure your event does not end up in tatters.
  5. Full service: we offer over 100 products and various facilities at transparant prices. Our office, staff, guides, trainers and instructors are at your servicd 24/7. We work together with reliable partners. We will provide you with a customized offer and coordinate your program with all parties involved. You will conveniently have one point of contact and one billing address.
  6. Reliable and safe: many companies and groups have preceded you, click here to see our references. Safety is central to our activities: our staff receive internal training each year, and all employees are in the possession of a BHV/ First Aid certificate. All our travel expenses under the Package Travel Act are guaranteed through STO Garant.
  7. Transparent: we offer our products and facilities at transparent prices. You will receive a customized offer.
  8. Sustainable and social: you will be working with an honest and sustainable event agency (with a green sustainable label amongst others). We are a recognized training company and MVO Nederland partner (CSR Netherlands). Every year, we support various charities such as Alpe d’Huzes, KWF, Natuur Monumenten, Fight against cancer and the WWF.
  9. Innovative: we continue to constantly renew our range of teambuilding, corporate outings, team outings and staff parties/corporate parties. We attempt to provide a unique and broad product range for every budget, season and location
  10. International: we have organized international business events since our founding and have been SITE member since 2016. For our DMC market we developed our label Meetings Incentives Eindhoven. We speak Dutch, English and German.

Also good to know

  • Program is subject to availability. Request a proposal as soon as possible!
  • Prices are excluding 21% VAT. For more information, request a proposal.
  • Within the context of package travel directives, your travel expenses are warranted through STO Garant.
  • Bad weather guarantee: in the event that you booked an outdoor activity and the weather predictions are poor, we will provide a substitute indoor activity.
  • For activities that require the use of vehicles, such as Solexes, E-Scooters and DAF cars, all participants must be in the possesion of a motorbike/scooter/car licence. We can provide elektrical bicycles for those who do not have a licence. This of course needs to be communicated and requested when booking the activity. We cannot arrange this on the day itself!
  • Prices for vehicles include rental of vehicles with helmets, we will transport them to any desired location. These prices also include guidance (with BHV / First Aid) and organization, we coordinate a tailor-made program based on the preferences on desired difficulty and route. We can arrange longer tours or a trip at your preferred location (in your town), but with additional travel costs. Travel costs range between €75 and €175.
  • Applicable are our general terms and conditions.

Additional Prices

Below you will find some additional prices for activities that can be booked in combination with other workshops, teambuilding activities or tours:

– These are subject to availability, and excluding VAT:

  • Team building games: During this activity, our guides will provide three surprising team building assignments per team. Take the lead and work efficiently together. A nice addition to a workshop or other activities, for €40 per team extra.
  • Brain games: During this activity our guidance will test the mentality and cohesion of each team, with 3 brain games. Who listens well, has the best memory and mental agility? The brain games are a nice addition, for €40 per team extra.
  • Farmer’s Golf, Foot Golf or Street Golf: try to go around a parcours in as few turns as possible. A fun sport activity for €40 per team extra.
  • Beer tasting: Great for after a workshop or teambuilding activity. Enjoy 3 special beers in a tasting. For €15 per person extra, including an accompanying snack.
  • Wine tasting: Enjoy 3 special wines in a tasting. For the culinary people among us, for €20 per person extra. This wine tasting includes an accompanying snack.
  • Museum visit: Always wanted to know everything about Eindhoven, Philips, DAF or PSV? Then visit the Philips, DAF, PSV or Eindhoven museum. We organize the tickets, handling and timeslot for you. A museum visit after another activity can be booked for €10 extra per person.

Any additional costs on request:

  • Snacks, drinks, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Possible entrance fees for locations (museums, etc.)
  • Parking costs
  • Company party with DJ, bar, entertainment, etc.
  • Transfers
  • Photographer or film report
  • Giveaways
  • Hotel stay