Incentive Trip

Would you like to thank your staff for their dedication? can help you plan a tailor made incentive trip to an amazing city. In addition to planning, we also help you with organising everything in the city itself. We will arrange everything you want for your trip. Think of transport, overnight stays, excursions, dinner, parties and such.

Do you wish to enjoy a more sustainable trip? We also arrange green incentives. A trip with an airplane damages the environment up to 11 times more than a trip with a train would. By choosing a train journey, less carbon dioxide will be emitted. For your overnight stays, we provide locations with a GreenKey label! These locations are awarded with certain sustainable certfications, based on strict standards.

Below you will find destinations in the Netherlands, Belgium, the rest of the EU, and some destinations outside the EU. In addition, you will find adventure & green destinations, sport event destinations and cultural destinations.

Destinations in the Netherlands


Destinations in Belgium

Destinations in the rest of the EU

Destinations Outside the EU

Adventure & Green Destinations


Sport Event Destinations

Cultural Destinations and Trips